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Jicama Perogies

This is another recipe from RAWvolution. It’s pretty simple and really delicious. It’s as easy as slicing jicama very thin on a mandolin slicer and mixing up a batch of cashew cheese in a food processor! A dollop of cheese is placed in the center of a

Nori Wraps

This recipe is from RAWvolution. It’s a raw nori sheet, with a collard leaf placed over it to keep the nori from getting wet from the veggies. Then shredded carrots, daikon radishes, red peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, avocados, scallions and sprouts are piled on top and the whole

Mac and Cheese

The weather has been so erratic here in New Jersey. Yesterday it was about 60 degrees and rainy, so I was in the mood for something warm and comforting. So I decided I need a little mac and cheese. This is very, very similar to the chickpea

Zucchini Pappardelle with White Bean Alfredo

Like I said yesterday, I’m eating mainly raw food this summer, and I had to try this great semi-raw recipe from HKitchen. The noodles are made with zucchini, but the Alfredo sauce is made with cooked navy beans. The sauce was so nice and creamy that no

Ayurveda, Summer and Raw Food

I’ve been interested in Ayurveda for quite some time. I bought a book from the bargain table at Barnes and Nobel a few years ago, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. It wasn’t until I saw John Douillard speak last year that I was able to

Sunflower Burger

Summertime’s all about burgers and barbecues, right? Well, I thought it was time to give a raw burger a try. The recipe is another one from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. The burgers are made with sunflower seeds, flax, celery, peppers and onion, and they’re dehydrated for about

Raw Burritos and Stuffed Peppers

This “burrito” is kind of a mixture of things from different recipes, but it’s based on a recipe from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. I made taco filling from sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes and some spices. I made Ani’s salsa, which uses corn, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and hot

Gluten-Free Pizza at Rutherford Pancake House

The Rutherford Pancake House in Rutherford NJ has quite a nice selection of vegan items on their menu. They recently added gluten-free vegan pizzas to the list. Several of my friends have tried them and Dennis goes there often for lunch during his work day, so I

Red Pepper and Squash Samosas

This is another recipe from The Art of Raw Living Food. The wraps were the same wraps that were used in the Garden Tahini Rolls I made earlier in the week. The are stuffed with tahini sauce and raw marinated vegetables. They fell apart pretty easily, so

Raw Sandwich with Coleslaw

Yes, it’s another raw sandwich! These are quickly becoming my favorite warm weather meal! The bread is Sunflower Sesame bread from Ani’s Raw Kitchen. It’s then topped with Sunflower Seed Cheese from RAWvolution and the pesto that was leftover from the stuffed mushrooms I had yesterday. I