I hope everyone had a very wonderful cruelty-free Thanksgiving! Dennis and I usually have a bunch of friends over for a big vegan potluck every Thanksgiving, but this year we decided to skip it and have a cozy dinner for two. I’ve had so much going on lately, that I treated myself to a much needed break from event planning and socializing. It turned out to be a wonderfully relaxing and delicious day!


As usual, we got our “turkey” from our local Veggie Heaven restaurant, and I cooked a few side dishes to go along with it. All of the dishes I cooked this year are from Nava Atlas’s fantastic new book Vegan Holiday Kitchen, and they were all quick and easy to make and absolutely delicious.


 These Agave and Mustard Glazed Brussels Sprouts were so good that there’s no way I can wait until next Thanksgiving to make them again! These just might become a regular dinner side dish.


 These Rosemary Citrus Sweet Potatoes had just the right amount of sweet to complement the savory dishes on our plates.


 Dennis and I both agree that this Polenta, Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing was the highlight of the meal. I could have just eaten a whole plate of it and skipped everything else!


I also made Sweet Potato Biscuits to round out our meal.


And here’s my plate! Starting at the top – Veggie Heaven’s tofu “turkey”, sweet potatoes, stuffing, Brussels sprouts, a Veggie Heaven “drumstick” and a sweet potato biscuit. I took this picture before I doused everything with a huge ladle-full of Tofurky gravy.

 And for dessert we had Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Hint of Chocolate, which was absolutely heavenly!



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