I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! That means it’s time once again for me to join in the What I Ate Wednesday blog party over at Peas and Crayons. This week I thought I’d show off a little of what I ate last Wednesday when Dennis and I spent most of the day in NYC. His birthday is December 24th (which is an awful time to have a birthday) and I bought him tickets to a surprise later in the evening as an early present. He knew he was going to see something at 8:00pm but he didn’t know what.


We spent a good deal of time walking around the lower east side, looking in shops and trying on shoes at Mooshoes. We then headed over to Babycakes for a little treat. Dennis had a donut and I had a chocolate coconut mound heart. It tasted like the old fashioned Mounds bars I remember from my childhood, but was much better as it was made with fresh ingredients and hadn’t been sitting on a shelf for 3 months. 


We then found ourselves at the corner of 1st and 1st – the nexus of the universe


After walking around and poking into even more shops, we went to Sustainable NYC, where Dennis decided to treat himself to a vegan peanut butter and jelly cone. I had a little nibble and it was amazing! I had an almond milk chai latte.


 We also popped into an Indian spice market where we bought a large bag of stuff, including spices, beans and chickpea flour. The prices where too good to pass up!


 For dinner we went to Quintessence raw restaurant. I’ve eaten there in the past but Dennis hadn’t and he was looking forward to trying it. For a starter we had chickpea socca (which was cooked) with raw scallion cream cheese, which had a cashew base. The cream cheese was rich and creamy and I wanted to slather it all over everything! For dinner we split two entrees. First up was nut cheese filled “ravioli” with zucchini pasta and pesto sauce. Yum-yum! We also had the Mexican platter, which consisted of a delicious tostada, rice and a giant burrito. (All raw!) I really loved the crisp, nutty tostada. Incredibly, Dennis wanted dessert so he ordered banana cream pie with cherry ice cream. The pie was far too banana-y for me but I loved the ice cream. I was really too full to eat very much of it. 


And then it was time for Dennis’s surprise! I bought tickets to see one of his favorite comedians, Dylan Moran, who is big in the U.K. but isn’t very well known here yet. I managed to snag front row seats and Dylan gave me a chocolate bar he had been nibbling on at one point. (He only had one square of it.) I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was vegan! Dennis was really happy about his gift and I was really happy about the chocolate so the day ended on a great note!


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