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The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner

I went vegan in 2001 and the first cookbook I bought was The New Now and Zen Epicure by Miyoko Schinner. It was through that book that I learned how to make tofu scramble, dairy-free sauces, and egg-free desserts. It’s amazing how much book cookbook collection has

Vegan Caesar Salad

Back when I was a vegetarian (long before going vegan), I used to douse my salads with store-bough Caesar dressing. Although I was already becoming adept at reading labels, I never read the ingredients list on the back of the bottle, because I never expected there to

Mini Raw Vegan Chocolate Marble Cheesecakes

This is the last of the five recipes I created for the Rouxbe canapé party project I first mentioned last month. When thinking about party recipes, of course there has to be dessert! This dessert looks like it took a lot more time in the kitchen than

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

This is the forth recipe I made for my Rouxbe canapé project a few weeks ago. I usually make stuffed mushrooms for special occasions (once I didn’t make them for Thanksgiving and people freaked out), and this is my standard recipe kind of pimped out. I topped

Tomato Tartlets with Spinach Pesto

A few weeks ago I promised to share the canapé recipes I created for my Rouxbe project with you. This is the third of the five appetizers I made, and it was inspired by my recipe for Asparagus and Tomato Tart with Cashew Ricotta. I bought a

Seitan Skewers with Chimichurri and Jalapeno Lime Aioli

I’m just going to come right out and say that I know this recipe looks insane. There are tons and ingredients and lots of steps. It took me about an hour and half to make these skewers, but not all of the time was active, so it’s

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen by Richa Hingle

I remember the first time I had Indian food. It was about 15 years ago and I was with someone who is now an ex. He was vegan, and I was vegetarian. There were two dishes on the menu that were vegan, so he ordered them both.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Cashew Ranch Dressing

I know, I know. Just about every vegan blogger has a recipe for Cauliflower Buffalo Bites at this point, so this is nothing new. I have been faced with the task of creating five different canapés for a Rouxbe project, and I wanted to try my hand

The Good Karma Diet by Victoria Moran

Back in 2009 I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (when it was still a live school and classes were held on weekends), and my beloved cat Lucy passed away just hours before the first class was scheduled to begin. It was a terrible weekend for

Raw Vegan Tacos

Don’t let the long ingredients list here fool you  – these “tacos” are easy to make, and they don’t take very much time to put together. They’re pretty versatile, so if you don’t have an ingredient, such as one of the spices, they’ll still be delicious. The different