A vegan is someone who, for various reasons, chooses to avoid using or consuming animal products. Vegans not only avoid eating meat, dairy, eggs, honey and animal bi-products, but they also avoid wearing clothing that comes from animals, such as fur, leather, wool and down. Vegans also stay away from products that are tested on animals. Vegan living helps the animals, the environment and your health.

The term was coined by Donald Watson in 1944. Mr. Watson became a vegetarian at the age of 14 and then later came to view the abstention from the use of all animal products as the logical extension of this philosophy. He knew there was a need for a word to describe his way of life. He and his wife Dorothy decided on the word “vegan” by taking the first three and the last two letters of the word “vegetarian”, because he said “veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion. On November 1st, 1944, the Watsons founded the British Vegan Society. November 1st is now known as World Vegan Day.