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Dianne Wenz is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Plant-Based Diet Nutrition Specialist, and Plant-Based Chef, as well as the author of Truly Healthy Vegan Cookbook.

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  1. Mary Ellen @ VNutrition says

    The book sounds amazing! Perfect for families with someone who is already vegan and wants their family to get involved too. Yum to that tempeh!

    My favorite family-friendly vegan meal is either my vegan mac & cheese or southwest quinoa.

  2. Cadry says

    Oh, you made so many eye-catching dishes! I need to revisit more of Kristy’s book. That’s funny that Dennis kept asking if it was from the same book; David always does that too. 😀

  3. Dreena Burton says

    Whenever I see a delicious tempeh recipe like this I wonder why I don’t cook tempeh more often. Oh wait, it’s my girls being picky about it, lol. This flavor combo is just perfect, though. I can imagine it!

  4. Julie says

    This book looks great! I love those “ah ha!” moments when I serve my family vegan and they think its so good! I would love more recipes to wow them with. My go-to would probably be some type of bowl – like a yum bowl or burrito bowl.

  5. Jessica says

    My family tends to enjoy when I make vegan lasagna as a home cooked meal. Me, my favorite is the black bean veggie burger at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge.

  6. Eve B. says

    My favorite family friendly vegan meal is spaghetti served with garlic-basil tomato sauce (with fried tofu cubes and nutritional yeast). Thanks!


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